Dear Fighters,

Here we will post a few of the most important announcements that you might want to know going into summer break.

First off: we do not have regular trainings during summer breaks! This is because most of our members are internationals who go home during the summer. Also, our trainers need a well-deserved break and most have other jobs to tend to. This applies for the year 2020 as well, regardless of the COVID-19 crisis. However, this does not mean that you are not allowed to train outside of the dojo! We welcome you to grab a couple friends, go out for a run or even a walk, or join one of Michel’s online workouts.

Secondly, we have almost finalised the 2020-2021 new board candidates! We will announce the candidates and their positions on social media (Instagram: deltaserat and Facebook) towards the end of summer break. You will be able to vote for them during the GMA meeting next semester. All of this will be announced later on, so don’t worry about specific dates yet!

So when will we train again?

We’ve been waiting for it.
We’ve been wanting it.
We’ve been longing it.

And hopefully, it’s happening.
The return of the dojo.

On September 7th we’re going back into the dojo if no new Corona-measures are put in.

For next year: If you’re gonna stay with us, don’t forget to resubscribe to ACLO. You can find the prices of an ACLO-card on their website. If you’re leaving Groningen, or found a new hobby, don’t forget to sign out! You can sign-out of Deltaserat by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Lastly, here is a link to a great promotional video that has been made by one of our own members, Siem Tillema.

Regardless of whether you will stay with us or whether you’ll leave, we want to thank you for the wonderful times together and hope that next year we can see each other properly again. Have a wonderful summer!