Board 2022-2023

Josephine Brenøe


Our chair Josephine, aka Josie, joined Deltaserat three years ago starting with kickboxing and then taking Krav Maga as well. She finds Krav Maga interesting since it involves defending yourself from several attackers, making it more applicable to real life situations. In Deltaserat, she organizes and manages all that happens in the association. From the next event planned to the amount of equipment we have, there is not a thing Josie does not know, or does not do. This versatility and control can also be seen in training, with her impeccable technique she is able to surprise and defeat any opponent she encounters. Outside of Deltaserat, she is attending her fourth year in Medicine and enjoys cooking and baking in her free time. Especially baking healthy variations of snacks which are very popular between the Deltaserat members as well. But the real star is her puppy, Charlie, who she cares for deeply and is himself a revered member of our association!

Virginia Cacciavillan

External affairs

Meet Virginia Cacciavillan – the manager of external affairs!

Virginia decided already at age 15 that Muay Thai would be just the sport for her as a strong individual with a deadly kick. Since arriving in Groningen a year ago she has built upon her fighting skills and applied them to kickboxing as well. If you ever find yourself kickboxing with her you’ll be quick to realise how formidable of a weapon she is. She leaves little room for doubt concerning her capabilities as our main connection to those outside of our association. If there were an award for “Deltaserat member that has brought the most newbies to trial lessons” she would win it with her eyes closed. She has single handedly spread the word about our association and brings new faces to every training. However, she also understands the importance of downtime and when you don’t see her in training you will probably find her stuck behind a good book or out on the ice for hockey.


Candelas Gross Valle


Meet Candelas Gross Valle, our new secretary!

Candelas is a German-Spanish hybrid currently doing her Masters Thesis in Medicine here in Groningen. She is deeply dedicated to all the work that she does and is certainly a valuable addition to the board! Being an avid martial arts sports practitioner, and someone who practiced Shotokan karate for 12 years, she immediately jumped on the opportunity to try kickboxing 3 years ago. She has also recently started exploring other combat sports within Deltaserat, and has now also started training MMA and Grappling. Apart from training and her studies, she enjoys spending her free time cooking and discovering vegan versions of everyone’s favourite foods. She is the master at making the biggest portions of comfort food you have ever seen and hosting cozy dinner parties for everyone to try out her creations.

Veronica Bodescu 


Meet Veronica Bodescu – a.k.a Deltaserat’s Treasurer! (and suspected vampire)

As a fighting sport/self-defense jack-of-all-trades, it is unlikely you haven’t already seen her at training. Despite her busy schedule she always makes time for training, and we mean always. Does she have muscle pain from the previous 4 days of training? Yes, but she is still there today. Has she received a shiny new black eye from a grappling accident? Yes but that won’t stop her, actually she seems to be fighting more viciously than before! Needless to say, you won’t be finding a more dedicated and capable treasurer anywhere else. Veronica is the board’s long-standing member currently in her second year and carrying all the wisdom along with her into this board year. You can expect to see her challenge opponents twice her size throughout the year. However, don’t let her rough and tough exterior scare you, she is always open for questions and to chat about guitars or heavy metal…just…don’t touch her…


Daniela Ribanská

Internal affairs

Meet Daniela Ribanská, or as she prefers, Dany our enthusiasic manager of internal affairs.

Dany comes from a “martial arts” oriented Slovak family, where every family member does some sort of fighting sport. She herself has been doing Krav Maga and Muay Thai since she was little. She is a medical student and has been training in deltaserat for 3 Years now. You can find her in most kickboxing trainings, especially on a Friday where she trains Krav Maga and Kickboxing back to back. She is comparable to a Swiss Army knife in that she provides everything you could possibly need to survive a day. If you ever suffer from low blood sugar it’s safe to say that Dany will always have a snickers bar or some sugar tablets with her just in case. As a matter of fact it is very likely that she will have anything ready for an emergency situation. Don’t hesitate to go up to her in case you need something or have any questions regarding deltaserat!


Fadi Rezkallah 

PR manager

Fadi, the jack-of-all sports and the man always up for a chat. He has done swimming, water polo, karate and Muay Thai, before finally landing on fitness, mma, kickboxing and grappling. While being a full-time athelete and a student he is also getting accredited in the field as an instructor since he just loves unlocking people’s potential for a healthy mind, body and spirit. What motivates Fadi day to day? The great gift of opportunity. As a board member in the position of Public Relations Fadi promotes Deltaserat for the community and safe haven that it is. Fadi is an endless bundle of energy always there to help and support. If you need some starter material for a conversation with him just ask him about his board hoodie nickname.


2021 - 2022

President: Lea Timmann

Secretary: Leonie Schwantzer

Treasurer: Veronica Bodescu

External affairs: Nica Bedoshvili

2020 - 2021

President: Sjouke de Vries

Secretary: Vlad Malai

Treasurer: Lea Timmann

External affairs: Nica Bedoshvili

Internal affairs: Kit-Yi Feng 

2019 - 2020

President: Bas Van Doorn

Secretary: Sameer Rodrigues

Treasurer: Lea Timmann

In-/external affairs: Olena Vasyltsova

2018 - 2019

President: Tom Jalink

Secretary: Rob Heidenrijk

Treasurer: Lukas Dekker

In-/external affairs: Vlad Malai

2017 - 2018
President: Tom Jalink

Secretary: Chen Wei Xwan Guo

Treasurer: Lukas Dekker

In-/external affairs: Dasha Leshchynskaya

2016 - 2017
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Vice-president: Willard Holthof

Secretary: Toni Hoenders

Internal affairs: Sander Hendriks

External affairs: Sietske Doorenbos

2015 - 2016
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Secretary: Toni Hoenders

Treasurer: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Internal affairs: Chen Wei Xwan Guo

Public relations: Willard Holthof

2014 - 2015
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Vice-president: Floris Wolven

Secretary: Malou Luchtenberg

Treasurer: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Internal affairs: Brendan Jager

Public relations: Willard Holthof

2013 - 2014
President: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Vice-president: Rob Heidenrijk

Secretary: Malou Luchtenberg

Treasurer: Floris Wolven

Internal affairs: Brendan Jager

Public relations: Lindsay de Villiers

2012 - 2013
Chairman: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Secretary: Rob Heidenrijk

Public relations: Isabelle van Ouderaa

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