2018 – 2019

Vlad Malai

In-/external affairs

New to the board, but not new to the club, Vlad will fill the position of internal and external affairs. The Moldovan Terminator will be responsible for communication within the association and with external parties.

Lukas Dekker


Lukas will extend his board activities with another year. Being a member for over three years now, Lukas is slowly reaching the point of no return, after which he’ll be obliged to be a member for eternity. As a treasurer, Lukas is mostly responsible for financial affairs within the association.

Tom Jalink


Just like Lukas, Tom will continue his activities for another year. Tom can often be caught making incredibly bad puns and spends more time in the dojo than at home. As a chairman he will be leading the assocation and will represent it.

Rob Heidenrijk


Veteran Deltaserat member Rob is back in the board. Throughout the years, Rob has been a fighter, teacher and board member of the association. This year he’s going back to his initial position in the board. As secretary Rob will mostly manage administrative activities.

2017 - 2018
President: Tom Jalink

Secretary: Chen Wei Xwan Guo

Treasurer: Lukas Dekker

In-/external affairs: Dasha Leshchynskaya

2016 - 2017
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Vice-president: Willard Holthof

Secretary: Toni Hoenders

Internal affairs: Sander Hendriks

External affairs: Sietske Doorenbos

2015 - 2016
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Secretary: Toni Hoenders

Treasurer: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Internal affairs: Chen Wei Xwan Guo

Public relations: Willard Holthof

2014 - 2015
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Vice-president: Floris Wolven

Secretary: Malou Luchtenberg

Treasurer: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Internal affairs: Brendan Jager

Public relations: Willard Holthof

2013 - 2014
President: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Vice-president: Rob Heidenrijk

Secretary: Malou Luchtenberg

Treasurer: Floris Wolven

Internal affairs: Brendan Jager

Public relations: Lindsay de Villiers

2012 - 2013
Chairman: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Secretary: Rob Heidenrijk

Public relations: Isabelle van Ouderaa

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