Dear Fighters,

As of Monday, September 7th, we are finally back in the dojo!!! 😆👊💪🥊

🦠🦠BUT: This does not mean that COVID-19 is behind us. As an association we would like to ask you to take the greatest care of your health when you plan on coming to trainings. If you have any symptoms, please, please stay home! As we are a full-contact sport, keep in mind that we need to be extra careful around one another during these times.🦠🦠

In order to abide by the pandemic requirements from the government, there will be changes in the way that trainings will be conducted. Please carefully read the list below for detailed information.

1. Most importantly, do not come if you are sick, or if someone you know is sick! Pay attention even to minor symptoms, and give yourself a few days to fully recover before coming to training.

2. The maximum amount of people that are allowed to be present at the dojo is 20, therefore trainings will be limited to 20 people, including the trainer. In order to implement this we will have a sign-up sheet where you can sign up with your member ID and name (name is optional). This way we can keep track of the amount of people coming to a training.

1. What is my member ID? 🤔

1. Each member has a unique ID (a collection of 4 numbers) that was included in your sign-up email. If you have lost this email, there is an option to retrieve your member ID on the Deltaserat website at the bottom of the form <>

2. If you are a first-time attendee and you would like to try out a lesson, please put 0000 as your member ID! 2. The sign-up sheet for the first week will be posted tomorrow, Sunday, September 6th at 18:00.

3. If you are not planning on attending a training you have signed up for, please make sure to take your name off the list at least 2 hours before training in order to make space for other members.

3. The amount of sign ups per week is limited to 3 trainings per person. Keep track of our social media though because changes to this rule/exceptions will be posted regularly!

4. Bring your own gear!

5. Keep a distance of 1.5m between you and others as much as possible, especially during the exiting/entering of the dojo. Of course, during trainings exceptions will be made.

6. Allow everyone to exit the dojo before you enter.

Last but not least, here is the updated schedule:


Please keep in mind that the additional beginner’s kickboxing session on Saturday is a temporary solution during the times of the pandemic and will not be kept in the schedule for the long run!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep checking our website for announcements.