Dear Members,

This announcement is regarding our memberships:

For this year, there will be no payments per semester. There will only be monthly payments because we changed our payment systems. As always, memberships will be collected on the last day of the month.

Instead of paying €75/semester or €20/month, we have set the price for everyone to €15/month starting from now. From the 2nd semester onwards, the price will be set back to the regular €20 for everyone.

Existing members
People that have successfully managed to sign up on our website before today (24.09.2020) will be automatically imported into the new system and will receive an email to pay the first term (€15). Paying the first term will automatically verify your mandate.

New members
New people that have not registered with our association yet can do so by visiting our website and going to the ‘become a member’-page or directly via this link ( It is important to complete both steps since we are also obliged to keep track of student information.

You can cancel your membership minimum one month in advance by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. After receiving a confirmation email your cancellation is completed.

Registration fee
From October (1st) onwards there will be a registration fee of one term (= €15) for the membership registration to prevent administrative overhead by people signing in and out every other month. Training For the training registrations you can still use your member ID. If you’re unsure you can always put your name and we will complement it with the corresponding ID.

If you are interested in our motivation behind these changes, please check your mails (also spam). We will send a slightly longer version of this including a full explanation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the payment, you can send them to [email protected], but please allow for some time to respond. We also welcome feedback! 🙂

The above will also be reflected in our terms and conditions as soon as possible.

The board