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Deltaserat is established to promote the fighting system 'Mixed Martial Arts' in Groningen en surroundings. Our association is involved with the ACLO-sportcenter in Groningen. This means we have good facilities for a low price. Every student is welcome to join our training!

Mixed Martial Arts is accessible for everyone who is interested in a good general work-out and who wants to leard effective self-defense techniques.

The Mixed Martial Arts training offered by Deltaserat is very rich and diverse, from a complete body work-out to mastering effective fighting techniques, it strengthens your body and teaches you how to handle aggression. 
The special thing about MMA is that it covers all of the different aspects of a fight. Where other styles restrict themselves to one aspect like the stand-up fighting in tae-kwon-do or the close-combat in wrestling MMA keeps an open mind and tackles all three parts: stand-up fighting, close-combat and ground-fighting. 

But more important; we want to create a nice, friendly atmosphere for all our members!

Social Event

Every month we hold social events for our members to get together and interact outside of the dojo. Sometimes we go out to dinner othertimes we just hang out and have a few beers! Be sure to check out our board in the Dojo for announcements of upcoming events!